Два бра 'Лавры'. Ch. Schneider, 1925 г.

Два бра "Лавры". Ch. Schneider, 1925 г.

Artist : Ch. Schneider Épinay-sur-seinePeriod:20th centuryCondition : BonMaterial : Bronze laiton miroir et verreWidth : 31Height : 27Depth : 12"1925 Ch. Schneider Pair Of "lauriers" Wall Lights Art Deco" Pair of gilded bronze mirror and pressed-molded glass lamps, model "Lauriers" by Charles Schneider in Épinay-sur-Seine from Art Deco period 1925. Total dimensions: height 27 cm, width 31 cm, depth 12 cm. Mounts: height 27 cm, width 28 cm, depth 11 cm. Glassware: height 13.5 cm, diameter at the widest of the rumen 9.5 cm, circumference at the widest of the rumen 29 cm, diameter at the edge 9 cm. Total weight of a wall lamp: 1,695 kg. Neo-classical frame Art Deco 1925 finely worked in thick bronze (and brass) chiseled gilded and polished, animated with a large faceted and fluted frieze, and forming leaves and bay of laurels, on smooth background and granite. A circular, perforated losangic backdrop with two arms of light with an arched crown decorated with their supports of glassworks with clamping screws, see on the bottom: the crown and the base, as well as the miniature ovalized mirrors, see on the back of the bottom : The mirror retaining crosspiece and the wall mounting bracket, see on the set: the holes for the wired passage, as well as the socket supports and their sockets. Art Deco-style glass panes in thick, colorless-translucent press-molded glass, acid-glossed and polished, animated by a large frieze-like decorating of bay leaves (apparently). Open-necked tulip shape with a conical tapered body and a slightly recessed edge. Usual signatures, stick-molded relief on the middle of the glassware belly: Schneider France 400, and by numbering of Master-Bronzier stick per stamp on the back of the mounts: 425 (apparently). In good condition, wear and tear of brass bronze and gilding of frames (not too visible, see photos), stitches and small scales and usual gouges on the slices of the mirrors (not too visible, See pictures), small scale scales and micro-cracks usual on the edges of the decoration and at the contact points of the glassworks (not visible or not visible because under the frames, see photos), not electrified. Note the many details on the twelve photos (above) embellishing this ad. Shipping Worldwide: France 30, EU 40, Europe 50, United States 115, Japan 115 Euros.

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